A Valentine to the Devs: Typewriter Scrolling

Dear Devs,

I’ve been a Scrivener user since… well, without looking it up, I want to say it was (just?) before v3 for Mac came out. To me that equals “a long time”. :laughing: I recently installed v3 Beta (I think RC15 is where I started) and began to settle in. Side Note: The options menu might need a “may cause Vacuuming the Cat Syndrome” warning, 'cause I could play with them all day! :smiley:

I don’t know if Typewriter Scrolling is a new feature or not. I only learned of it in v3 while trying to get Dark Mode set (close to) the way I want. In order to see my cursor on the screen I turned on Typewriter Scrolling. Now, I love this feature for itself. Even if the ‘invisible cursor’ issue is resolved, I will still keep using Typewriter Scrolling. How did I write before (I knew) this handy-dandy little setting existed? :smiley:

So I’m sending this valentine letter to you, the developers behind Scrivener. My writing day is more organized and productive, because of you and your amazing software. Typewriter Scrolling is a feature I would have never imagined using… and now, I can’t imagine not having it. :smiley: Keep up the great work and I’ll be here with my wallet when v3 is ready.

Much love,

Many Thanks for the Valentine letter, Anne!

Indeed typewriter scrolling is available in Scrivener for Windows v1, too but I doubt that you will want switch back, especially after playing with the v3 Options. Enjoy! :slight_smile: