A Variety of Bugs

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any bugs on here. I know you guys are working hard.

I’m in version 024 and I’ve had the following issues.

  1. Ruler. In the ruler, there’s an indicator on the top and an indicator on the bottom. The top indicator shows where lines are going to start and the bottom line shows where continuations of a line of text are going to start. That’s all fine. But there’s a little rectangle at the bottom of the bottom indicator. When you grab that and move it, it’s supposed to move both indicators while maintaining the difference between them.

Your ruler is not operating that way.

  1. Synopsis. When the “i” button has been pushed and the information pane is displayed, the synopsis box picks up the color of the “push pin”. When the color of the pushpin is dark, the text disappears. I think that synopsis background should remain white.

  2. Numbering. This is not an error that’s easily reproducible. I’m not sure when it happens and when it doesn’t. But let’s say I’m in the editor and I have a list of things that are numbered using the autonumber function.

There are lots of things I don’t like about the autonumbering. But at times, when I select a group of autonumbered lines and then touch one of the indicators on the ruler, Scrivener goes away. It doesn’t give me any errors or anything, it just disappears from the screen.

  1. Invisible text. If I copy a large chunk of text and copy it into a new Text document in Scrivener, the text doesn’t show up immediately. I have to scroll through the document to make it appear. That’s very irritating.

Loving the software, guys. Great work.

In the future, I’d love some sort of autocritique functionality and I’d really like a more robust autonumbering functionality.