A Way to Share with Editor and Implement Changes

When I give my MS to an editor, I compile it to a DOC file, then view his/her changes and implement them manually.

I read the description for a book about Scrivener that implied there was some way to make this more automatic.

Did I misread that?

I’m not sure what you’d do or want to make this more automatic. Scrivener doesn’t work with Word’s track changes feature, if that’s what you’re after, but you could for instance go through the edits in Word using that and then re-import the edited manuscript back to Scrivener. Others like to save the marked-up version as a PDF and import it, then use it in the split editor while going through making the changes in the original Scrivener documents.

A search on the forum should turn up some different suggestions from users who work with editors in Word; people have different preferred ways of handling this.