A Windows convert to Mac OS Scrivener: basic question

Dal posted this on the Win Scrivener side: — In Scrivener, under Tools->Options->Editor, you can set up your preferred font and paragraph settings. Then you can select any item or items in the binder and go to the menu Documents->Convert->Formatting to Default Text Style.----

That’s exactly what I want to know how to do on my Mac Scrivener. When I open up a blank folder, it must be using a preset template which picks font, font size, line spacing, indentations, etc.

My question: how/where do I find out the attributes of this BLANK document template? And how can I go to it and make my preferred changes so I can then save it as the BLANK document template and have it work my preferences into all future documents?

Hope I have made that clear enough.

thanks, all.

I think what you want is

Scrivener> Preferences > Formatting > Options that take effect for new documents


I think pjs has the right of it.

You /can/ define custom text doc templates for various purposes – and these are represented as template docs in scriv, but the one default text doc template to (under)rule them all is not represented as a doc template: it is just a set of preference settings.

To be a little more precise, formatting can be defined in three different places:

  • Via Scrivener’s Format menu. These settings only affect the selected text within the current document.

  • The Project -> Text Preferences pane. These settings apply to all new documents within the current project. Many of the supplied templates include settings at this level.

  • The Scrivener -> Preferences -> Formatting pane. These settings apply to all new documents Scrivener-wide, except when overridden by a particular project’s settings.


Thanks all. Very helpful.