A Writer and Three Script Editors Walk into a Bar

How did I not know about this?!

“A Writer and Three Script Editors Walk into a Bar”


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Now I know why I’ve been right never to try my hand at writing a script!



Did you hear about the dyslexic that walked into a bra? :confused:

Lovely, the film clip that is, meaning no insult to Vic. In fact, both the clip and Vic’s comment remind me of a short story by Kevin Barry, “Breakfast Wine.” It was made into a pretty good short film by the Irish Film Board.

They say it takes just three alcoholics to keep a small bar running in a country town, but what if you’ve only got two?



Brilliant! :smiley:
(and local too)

Hrrmmph! It says “You need to upgrade your Flash Player.” As I upgraded it only yesterday, I am not impressed … I can only imagine they’ve been at the Jamieson too long!


Mr X,
A point of order, Sir!
According to The Law of Thermodynamics.
Sub section 5.b. Volumetric thermal expansion coefficients,
paragraph 4: The Coefficient of Linear Expansion:
a) In this Universe, it is impossible to be at the Jameson, Holy Amber Distillation, for too long.

Vic Eyenstine

i don,t get it. why is he so upset with so much useful input to help strengthen his premise.

Good to see you Floss. :smiley: