A5 is missed

Hi there! As written in the title above, A5 Pageformat is missing. Would be glad, if it’s back, because i like it more than A4 for writing.

Thanks! And keep up the good work!

Can you please add more info about where A5 is missing. A screenshot is probably easiest to describe it.

I use the german language pack, for additional information. it’s missing in the site-settings as you see, there is an A4-A0 but no A5 :slight_smile:

Sorry liontales, but the image did not get through. Try to include it as an attachment to your message.


The OP’s image was visible for a short time after posting: a screenshot of the German-language File>Page Setup window, with the Size dropdown open. Size selections included A1 through A4, but no A5, as mentioned.

In contrast, my English-language installation has selections for A3, A4, and A5. Possibly an issue with the German localization?

ooops! sorry for that. when it’s displayed in the english language pack, it sounds like an language pack issue, yes. here is the image again, sorry for confusion :smiley: