Abandoned Scrivener 2 and returning to 1.5x

I regret that Scrivener 2 seems to have too many bugs (e.g. can’t import large files, problems with Dropbox, crashes at exit) to be used for high priority projects. I am returning to the old version. I am curious whether I am alone in this.

Hard to say whether you are alone in the strictest sense, but from my observations, personal use and forum browsing I’d say you were in a huge minority.

The crashing on exit problem was fixed, by the way - have you downloaded the latest version? If you have a specific problem with importing a large file, have you posted the issue to the bug forum for double-checking? Keith has been extremely pro-active in offering 1-1 support for people who have issues with their projects. Often as not, these things turn out to be something outside of Scrivener. I see you had a problem with upgrading an 800Mb file to a 2.0 project; again, did you see the other threads on this and try the latest version Keith linked to?

There is a large thread on dropbox use here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/working-off-of-network-drives-mobileme-thumb-drives/5101/1

Generally speaking it is accepted wisdom that using dropbox as a live repository for an active project is not always the best idea due to synchronisation issues (which again, are not scrivener’s fault). This is true of any software that uses the package format for project files, as each project obviously contains a potentially large number of sub-files which can get out of sync.

Unless you have availed yourself of the available information and gone through the process of having any problems looked at on the bug forum, I think it’s premature to fall back to 1.x. Although there is nothing stopping you from doing so, the feature set in 2.x is far more powerful so ultimately you may be losing out on something that you would really benefit from, which seems a shame.


As Eddy says, the crash-on-exit bug has been fixed. It was an issue with the automatic backups and if you re-download you will find the problem is no longer present.

Regarding opening large 1.x projects, a few users have experienced this and I’m working on it. There was a fix the other day that fixed for some users, so again, download and try again. If that doesn’t work then contact support. Only a handful of users have reported this, and so far no one has been able to supply me with problematic project for me to reproduce the issue.

Given the number of downloads we’ve had, only a minority of users have experienced problems, and most of these were users who downloaded on the first day and experienced the automatic backup bug which unfortunately somehow got through to the release despite extensive beta-testing. I am working my hardest to fix any other bugs reported as soon as possible.


  • have you downloaded the latest version?/quote]
    Fascinating, is there a way to find out when the download has changed? I just downloaded again and discovered it had a different size to that of Nov 1 when I first grabbed it. I’d rather not have to download periodically just on the off chance.

You don’t need to. There will be a full 2.0.1 automatic update out in the next couple of weeks that fixes all of these things - I’ve just uploaded some fixes this week so to lessen problems for new users. You should definitely re-download if you downloaded on the first day of release, but this isn’t normal practice and normal service will shortly resume.

Cheers Keith.

Still worth an announcement when you you have to do this. It is infuriating to struggle with a bug, spend time gathering evidence and report it, only to discover a fix was available a couple of days previously. (Not that I have even noticed there were bugs to fix!)

If you are experiencing a bug/crash it seems reasonable to do a search on the ‘Bugs’ forum to see if this is something that others have also experienced. If you go to the ‘Bugs’ forum, look at the top entry - it’s even a sticky.

I’m not having a go at you, please don’t take it that way. It’s just that you took the time and trouble to post about moving from 2 to 1.5x, but didn’t take the time and trouble to check the Bugs forum, which confuses me a little. Maybe it didn’t even occur to you to look, I can understand that - I overlook a lot of things when I’m busy or distracted etc. Live and learn, etc!

For bugs, the ‘Bugs’ forum is exactly that; a place for announcements about bugs. I don’t think the main blog or main announcement forum is really the place for this kind of thing, as a lot of people are not affected by it and announcements are primarily for things that everyone should know about and if it got cluttered with little updates and fixes here, there and everywhere it would dilute the overall stream of information.

Anyway, hopefully the fix will work for you and you can fully immerse yourself in 2.0 goodness :slight_smile:


epo - I’ve already explained the situation to you in another thread.

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epo, my sincere and humblest apologies. I had you mixed up with another user. Sorry. :blush: