Ability to compile Project Notes


Could we have the function to compile project notes like we do collections please? I could use a collection for this but I would have to add each project name manually.

Thank you.

Project Notes will be removed entirely in Scrivener 3 and replaced with a new system of bookmarks and Quick Reference side bars. You’ll still be able to do everything that you could with Project Notes, it’s just that the notes will now be part of the binder - so you will be able to compile them.

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Yes I am using Scrivener 3. I’m talking about compiling documents in the Bookmarks folder that you set in Project Settings. I called in Project Notes so I knew what it was. Sorry for the confusion. Can we please have this Bookmarks folder be compiled like Collections please?

Although it doesn’t appear as a special option in the compile popup menu, you can do this by selecting the folder in the binder and then choosing to compile the “Current Selection”, with “Include subdocuments” selected. The only restriction is that you can’t use the Research folder for your bookmarks/notes. (Draft and Research can’t be compiled via “Current Selection”, although you could manually select documents within them to use this, though you’d lose the structure in that case.)

Thanks for the suggestions MM.