Ability to Disable Documents

Hey Keith and team.

I would love to have the ability to disable documents. I often have documents in my binder that are placeholders for future writing. The document might contain a few rough notes but I’m not ready to do any composition. It’d be great to be able to right-click on these and select “disable” (or something like that). The document would then remain in the binder – maybe grayed out – but it would not display when I select a folder, nor would it print.

Or something like that. :slight_smile:

Your fan,
Kirby Ferguson


You can use the “Include in Compile” checkbox in the Inspector for this. If you deselect that option, then the document will not be included in the compiled text. When loading a folder in scrivenings mode, hold down the Option key to omit any documents that have “Include in Compile” deselected.

Hope that helps.
All the best,