Ability to "lock" scenes

I think it may be useful to have the ability to “lock” scenes or pages, so that they cannot be edited or changed in any way until a condition is met (e.g., until the manuscript reaches 50,000 words, or until a specific date). It would be a useful way to curb the inner editor by making it impossible to go back and edit prematurely. I know I would definitely make use of and benefit from that feature.

Here are some prior discussions on the topic (full search):

Also, look up the Snapshots feature if you have not already done so (§15.6, starting on pg. 167, of the user manual PDF).

Is there a way to toggle between editable or not for a document in the binder? The idea would be to avoid unintentional changes of a text. Sorry, have not found anything in the manual.

Do not think can lock document but could change color of label in binder to a color like green to indicate done. You can also take snapshot of document with title and label final so would have a pristine copy that would not change

Ok, I see, thank you.
But Snapshots remain editable and colors do not prevent unintentional changes.
So I just have to be careful :slight_smile:

Snapshots are NOT editable! Sorry, my fault…