lock down research files


One of my recurrent fears using research files (usually scrolling and copying from them) is to accidentally modify them and realize about it when it’s too late…
Is there a way to lock down these files in such a way that no editing is possible?

My current workaround is to lock down the single files inside the package. The result is that if I modify any of the locked files by mistake, Scrivener will give me a warning message.
It kinds of works, but it is a pain to identify the individual files…


No, but you can just take a snapshot of your text files so if you do change them you can return to the earlier version.

How do we move this to a feature request?

I would love to be able to do this. To put a little lock on files so I don’t accidentally change them. (Like locking a layer in a graphics app.)

If I try to change it I’d want it to simply ask, “Are you sure you want to edit this?” or something. That would be very helpful.

It’s been moved to Wish List. Not that such increases its odds of being implemented in the future, but at least it is where it should be. :slight_smile: