Ability to move Inspector Toolbar back to bottom of screen

Just updated to the El Capitan-friendly version and love it. Beautiful. I’m also quite happy to see the extension switch didn’t give me any trouble with existing projects.

The only issue I have is with the Inspector Toolbar. I use it very frequently and the new positioning is a bit frustrating. There’s nothing but blank space at the bottom of the Inspector now, which feels like wasted real estate. Especially since the top of my screen is starting to feel crowded.

I can’t find an option anywhere to move it back. Would absolutely love to see one in a future update.

Long-time user. Big booster of the product.


Yeah, no worries, that “blank” space will do stuff in the future. It was a temporary stop-gap as we had the graphics all set up for top-side buttons, but moving around the stuff that will go in the footer area would have been far too much work for an OSX maintenance release.

There will probably never be an option to change this, but in my experience I got used to it fairly quickly—most programs use a “tabs on top” approach, we were really kind of weird before. And it will make more sense in time.

For now, it’s not really blank or wasted, it’s just more space for one more keyword, or one more line of notes. :wink:

Glad to hear the switch went well! The update has proven successful for most. We did run into a few projects that had issues, most already somewhat “damaged” by Dropbox, so unexpected behaviour is to be expected. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m adapting to it now. :slight_smile: Very happy with how the update turned out.

Thanks. I missed that conversation.

Somehow, I still mis-understand where the tab for “auto-generate synopsis” is supposed to be. Not finding it … but will just use the menu system to do it.

This explains.