Ability to Organize Icons Added

Hello! So I’m very sorry if this is already possible (and if I somehow missed it when I searched for it), but I recently added a lot of custom icons to Scrivener. Which is awesome! But, there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to create new ‘folders’ (like the Books drop down menu that is there by default, as well as others) or put my icons into one of these ‘folders.’ It’d make life easier for me (and my inner organizer go less crazy!) if I could organize them. Again, apologies if this is already possible.

That is indeed something we want to add, it looks like it hasn’t been coded yet. We’ll most likely do something like we did with the Mac version, where it is based on a naming convention like “Category (Icon Name).png”. If there is more than one icon with a name like that (including built-ins), they’ll be grouped by the prefix (and the name cleaned up, of course, for the menu).

That’s cool! Thanks so much.