Ability to tag entrees using @ (or any other special character)

I’ve been using the software to convert my novel’s comp and lore for the past two weeks. One thing that I’d LOVE, that would really speed up my particular writing is the ability to dynamically link other entrees using a special character.


@Johan Veneer walked into the room and stabbed @Ruth Lambarker with the @golden scepter.

I see that the “Link” function automatically tries to find the particular entree you’re trying to tag, so I think that once the special character is invoked, the software would automatically try to match the characters as they are written, and if there is no match, bring up the “Create Link” dialogue upon pressing enter.

Also would be useful to 1) Choose which special character is used 2) Turn the function off

That way, if someone is writing a novel that uses the @ frequently and doesn’t want to tag something, they can change the special character to & or simply turn the feature off.

JR Asher

This function already exists. Enclose the name of the target document in [[double square brackets]]. Make sure to enable link detection in the Scrivener → Preferences → Corrections pane.