Able to change font size to 16 in Compile?

Dear Friends: I’ve been experimenting with Compile and have created my own format by duplicating the Default. I just can’t seem to change the text font size to 16. It goes from 14 to 18 from the drop-down menu. I can change the font and line spacing with no problems. Is there a way to have a font size of 16? Many thanks as always.

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What platform, please? And what version of Scrivener? Also, what format are you Compiling to?

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In Section Layout > Formatting, instead of selecting the Font from the dropdown, which skips sizes as you pointed out, highlight the text you wish to change, right-click, select Font from the context menu and then Show Fonts.
You’re then able to type in the required size, as per the picture below.


Many thanks for your responses. I’m using Scrivener 3 for Windows compiling to a Word docx. Thanks Kevitec57 for your helpful response. I was now able to change the font size to 16, but after saving the format and then using Compile, the text in Word remain 14. It’s a bit odd. I’ll keep trying on my end.

It shouldn’t. I got a size 16 font out of it when compiling from Scrivener to Word that’s not part of the dropdown. See picture in Word, as Compiled, without alteration.

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Many thanks Kevitec57. I’ll continue to try and keep you posted.

Many thanks Kevitec57. It worked! I just had to change the font size in another section layout. Many thanks for your patience. I have another (hopefully) quick question: Now that I’ve created my own customized format (saved to “My Formats”) will that format work when I want to compile other Scrivener documents? Thanks again. Joe

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Yup! That is exactly what the “My Formats” setting is for. They will be globally available to all projects, past and present, and any improvements you make will be used by other projects using that Format, too.

Many thanks AmberV as always. I think I may not have saved My Formats correctly. I went to another Scrivener document and tried to Compile and this is what was displayed (in yellow). The My Format I created is “Sermon.” It worked in the document I was originally in, but it doesn’t seem to be now working in others. Best, --Joe

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Oh, you will need to tell each project how to use this Format, which is what the yellow warning is telling you. You might have radically different Section Types from one project to the next, but their output intents aren’t so radical, and map up to these common Layouts you’ve created.

That said, what I do is have a project template that is already set up to work with my most common custom compile formats. So unless I change the Types a lot, I often don’t have much work to do. Compile settings, such as which types use which layouts and which formats to use for which file types, are all saved into project templates.

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Many thanks AmberV. Would it make any difference if I saved this Format under “Projects Formats”? Could I then use it more “globally” with past documents? I’m not sure if I saved it under the right designation. Thanks. --Joe

Doing that would move the Format into the project itself, and it would no longer be visible to other projects. This is also something project templates can do (some of the built-in templates even have their own formats like this), but if you go down that route, then each project will have its own separate copy of this format, and updates you make to it will need to be carried over by hand (either manually, or by exporting and importing formats between them, which you can do in the footer bar of the Formats sidebar).

Thus I would only use that option if it is likely each project will need special formatting. They might start from a common core (with a project template), but all diverge from there. I do this as well for some things. It really depends.