About creating a script format

I would like to format a script in Scrivener with Character, Parenthetical and Dialogue in the same paragraph.
For example :

THORNHILL i[/i]. Even if you accept the belief that a high Trendex automatically means a rising sales curve, which incidentally I do not accept … (to Elevator starter) 'Night, Eddie.

STARTER. Mr Thornhill.

THORNHILL. Say hello to the missus.

Is it possible ? Could it be one of these days ?
Thx for reading.
I like Scrivener very much :slight_smile:

PS : right now, I use Auto-complete for the Character name and Style + shortcuts for the Parenthetical and Dialogue, out of the scriptwriting mode.

Well, you can manually apply whatever formatting you want.

Section 19.7 in the Scrivener 3 manual explains how to create your own script formats. The big thing that you’ll need to do relative to the supplied formats is change the “Style to end of line” setting.


I suspect this won’t work, because Scrivener is using Apple Text Frameworks. It sees each element as a separate paragraph, which is customary in screenplay format. If you’re not using it already, you might look into Keyboard Maestro for the shortcuts. You can use it to trigger complex actions using keyboard shortcuts or text abbreviations.

@ kewms : I didn’t know the “Style to end of line” setting. Well, thx.
Still struggling using it. However, if I get it right, it allows only 2 styles in the same paragraph (ie. in the same element), not three and the second one being plain. Btw, the current French translation of “Style to” (“Style vers”) inside Scrivener is misleading, to say the least. “Style jusqu’à” might be better.

@popcornflix : I did not know Keyboard Maestro. Seems interesting. Thx !

The current way to achieve what I wish seems to be using styles and shortcuts and auto-completion for the names with scriptwriting mode off.