About the color of the header


I have set the system color to gray because it is distracting to have a color on the input screen. Is there any way to change the color of the header to gray?


Scrivener 3.2.3 25th October 2021
UI Tweaks
When the system tint is set to grey, the focus indicators in Scrivener’s header bars are now blue, rather than using the system tint colour, which, when grey, is too easily confused with the regular header background colour and locked-in-place.

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Not any more, as noted it was too confusing having three different shades of grey. It was something tried for several months, but generated too much negative feedback—I could myself among them, I had to actually stop using system grey because I found split views so difficult to use efficiently. Back before the change, everyone used red and blue of course.

Is there any way this can be changed back? I also have the same issue. I was using the gray color no problem before on a dark blue and gray color scheme. It was great and allowed me to focus on the words of two documents. I never had any problem understanding what was selected.

But now it’s such an eye sore. I have my dark colors that are easy on my eyes and then at the top of the page A BIG PURPLE BAR - it’s like someone’s flashing their headlights at me while driving at night.

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You can of course download the previous version. :wink:

Momentarily coming out of my moratorium in this place to +1 my support against this obnoxious change. I’ll not be updating because of it. Deary me!

I honestly may do that. How’s the stability with Monterey on the older version? Or would the recommendation here also be to reinstall the old OS and then install an old version of Scrivener.

I understand you had to make a design decision here, but is there truly no way to add an option to toggle this on or off? You literally have color options for every other square inch of the software? I’m confused because clearly it worked the other way in the old version, so it’s hard for me to understand why the response is just for me to download the old version.

I mean, the color changes for literally every single other color the OS offers, but then graphite it just says “sorry, too bad”? I even tried doing a custom color in a wide range of blacks and grays but it always kicked me over to this obnoxious purple. Then I tried literally every other highlight color and they’re all so bright and distracting in the dark theme.

I think it’s disappointing because I thought Scrivener prides itself on a few things, including the customization options for theming the software and creating a distraction-free environment. And I feel like this ignores both of those things that make the software valuable to its users.

Look, I’m grateful for what you’ve created, and I’m usually not one to complain about these sorts of things, but it is truly obnoxious as auxbuss pointed out. It is just glaringly frustrating and literally has me considering downgrading my OS and your software, trying out a different writing mode in scrivener, or even a toying with a different product.

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Since it confused a lot of people, is it possible to make it one of the things that can be customized in the preferences > appearance? I personally like the blue, but I think it could be fun to set it other colors to match the theme of my Scrivener UI.

If it were up to me (which it is not) it would just go back to the way it was, with the old blue/red/grey scheme that worked fine for a decade without a single complaint, and continues to work fine to this day on Windows. It’s been nothing but one camp or another with pitchforks, on the Mac, since it was changed. :wink:

I’m thinking crazier than that. If I could just choose the color with the color picker, then I could turn it purple or orange. I guess I’m just thinking “why not both” style, but I know more settings makes software more complex to program/maintain/bug fix/troubleshoot/etc.

Sounds like it’s a lost cause to try to have the choice in the next update. Officially downgraded to previous version. :confused:

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