About the Forums

Welcome to the L&L forums!

These forums are a place where users can get to know each other and ask for (or provide) help with using Scrivener and Scapple. There are also areas of the forum dedicated to talking about writing and books, and for just generally shooting the breeze. New apps have grown out of discussions here and there’s even a crazy Novel-in-a-Day event one of users started here and still runs. We’d love for you to make yourself at home here too.

Please note that while the L&L staff do frequent these forums and try to answer what we can, this is not our main channel of support. We therefore can’t promise that an L&L bod will answer every question here. If you need help from one of our team directly, please email us. That way you’re guaranteed to get help from someone at L&L. That said, we have a tonne of helpful (and friendly) users, and we love it here ourselves, so please do make use of these forums. (No one will get upset if you post here and email us too if you’re really struggling.)

All the best,