Accents on Scrivener for Windows


Since the first version I reported that when writing in Spanish, I had problems with the accented words. When I start typing, at normal speed, some of the accented letters display correctly, and others don’t. It’s completely random: I can’t predict when the accent will appear or not on the next word. Although I guess this should still appear in the known issues lists, I just wanted to make sure that it is.

It’s on the list. Do you happen to have any programs or services installed that might interfere with the keyboard input, e.g. text expanders or security programs that do anti-keylogging? If you haven’t already, it might be worth booting in Safe Mode (hold F8 during Windows start up) and typing a bit in Scrivener to see if you’re still getting the same problem. If the accents appear normally in that case, then we probably need to look for another installed program that’s hijacking the text input and figure out if there’s a way to get it and Scrivener working more nicely together. Either way it’ll provide some extra info that could be helpful to Lee when he investigates this.

Good to know it’s on the list. About other software…, no, I don’t have any of those installed. I had the issue on Windows Vista, I reinstalled the computer with Windows 7, and it’s exactly the same as before. This is my computer from work; therefore, all I have is the must have software, such as Office, and a few other things, but no text expanders, no security programs (except for an antivirus), not anti-keylogging. Nothing else. I’ll try using the computer in safe mode, and tell you if it improves. Thank you. I hope you get to the final release soon.

I’ve already managed to start the computer on safe mode. No change. Actually, I spend a while writing only accented letters, one after the other, and there was no pattern. I was able to write correctly almost all of them, but some accents were missing. I’m a great typer, I was doing my best for not missing anyone, I was being very careful in the way I press the keys… So I think it’s a bug. It’s not depending on other software or extensions. And, judging by the fact that it happened both on Vista and Windows 7, it’s not a conflict with any of the new features of Windows 7.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I do appreciate your extra work checking this!

You’re welcome! :smiley:

I’m having the same problem typing in Portuguese. It also seemed random at first, but from what I can tell it’s related to fast typing. Apparently the accent fails to show if I strike the accent key too quickly after the previous key. The time between the accent key and the accented letter key does not seem to make a difference.

I also thought it was a problem of fast typing, but I always type fast, so I’ve tried slowing down, typing stronger (in case I had missed the accent), typing faster… The last thing I did was just type the same accented letter frenetically, keeping a constant speed. Like typing fourty é… And it was completely random. Actually, for a moment I thought I wouldn’t get any non accented letters, but I did. Sometimes after five é, others after thirty… but it’s there: sometimes the letter looks right, sometimes it doesn’t.

I am not able to reproduce any of the foreign accented character issues reported here.

I have tried to duplicate these reported isssue in Scrivener beta 046 on Windows 7. I have tried using ALT Codes without issue, and then tried repeating the examples in this post using the apostrophe, circumflex, grave, tilda keys to no avail, please see screen shot and video attached.

I am using the US international keyboard as it is recommended here

There is definitely no issue using dedicated language keyboards, so I am wondering how you have configured your keyboards under Windows.


As I am experiencing the same (in French), I have been trying out a lot of things.

  • Accents do not “mark randomly” on the screen : they come out randomly when “combined keys” are used (like ´ + E = É). There it sometimes works, and sometimes not.

I’m used to my keyboard, and I type very fast. In other programs (and even here in the navigator), I experience NO such difficulty to get these accented letters, when they are not present on the keyboard.

Example : “é” is present as such on a French keyboard, but “É” is not.

So I have to combine the “´” (alt gr + ù) and the “E” keys to get this particular letter. When I do so, I get mostly no accent, even when I retype it over and over, using the same keys (I can miss the accent once or twice out of twenty, but not all the twenty).

In Word (or anywhere else), the result is the one expected ; in Scrivener, I can be sure that it will NOT work.

I made up my mind using the alt combinations : now, an “É” is written “ALT+144”…
There are plenty of accents in French writing, and I do use the accented uppercase.

Now, I can chose between typing 4 characters to write one, or typing it lower case, and then select it and go to the menu (each time^^) to make it uppercase…
I’m NOT complaining. I type fast enough to make my choice of being sure that I don’t make too much mustakes. I take with humour, laughing is the cure.

The only thing is that you have to learn these codes by heart by and by :mrgreen:

My keyboard is set to ES (Costa Rica). It doesn’t really matters how the keyboard looks like, once it’s set like that in Windows, it will behave as expected: instead of using the alt combinations for accents, all I have to do is type the key to the right of letter P and then type the vowel I want to accent. On Scrivener, the results are always unexpected: I never know when the accent will show up.

Even though I’ve been recommending Scrivener to other writers through my blog, in Spanish, I certainly can’t recommend the final release without the certainty that the accents will always show up whenever I write them.

Is there anything else we can do to help finding the problem_

I can confirm that the problem persists on beta 046, Windows 7, Spanish (Costa Rica). Once I start writing, some accents show, some don’t.

After so many tests, I have found this:

  1. If I only write the same accented letter one after the other, almost all appear correctly.
  2. Once I start writing normally, some words with accents, the other without them, it’s always a surprise. I can never know if the accent will appear.

That is correct. Following this procedure I was able to reproduce the error in my computer. The key to the error is the speed with which the accent key is pressed after the last letter, and not the interval between the accent and the next letter (the one that will receive it).

Sorry to press this point, but is there any ETA for this bug fix?

It is really disruptive to the writing process having to constantly stop and go back to correct the missing accents…