Access Text files with text editor / Workaraound for using on Android


I tried Scrivener before and I had the program save on my Dropbox. I could then use a text editor on android (Phone or Tablet) to edit the text files und “draft” on the way. I would then sync with external when I am back at my windows machine.

However, I just installed Scrivener 3 and can’t find the text files anymore. Is this no longer possible?
Does anyone have a suggestion?


The Sync with External Folder function still exists and is still the recommended solution to this problem.

Editing the text files in the project file directly was never recommended, even though it was (and remains) technically possible.


Thanks for the reply. But where do I find the text files? I can’t any text files.

Where are you synchronizing the External Folder to?


On a windows folder that syncs with dropbox.

In the past, I had a folder called “draft” in there, where I could find all the text files. MAybe I need to adjust some settings?

When I upgraded to Mac Scrivener 3.0, I had to turn off external folder sync and turn it on again, regenerating all the sync files. The old sync files won’t work with the new project format.

I reset the sync folder and it works now. Thanks for all your replies!