Accessibility menu issue

FWIW, Scrivener 3 does not appear to be passing updated menu states to the Apple Accessibility System until after the menu has been pulled down in the user interface.

Something you might look at when Accessibility compliance is on your radar.

Is this in reference to how some dynamic menus, such as those populated with project data) are not available to third-party keyboard shortcut and macro tools? If so, that’s a long-standing issue with how the Mac generates menus, it has been that way for many years. I think it doesn’t fully build the menu system until you use it for the first time, and by “use” they mean with user interaction. This can also cause the Help search shortcut to lag significantly in larger projects, as that causes a full rebuild.

I was having trouble with Keyboard Maestro getting it to recognize when the dynamic menu changed from Select with Subdocuments to Select Current Text.

KM developer said that compliant apps should update the Accessibility system without user interaction, but some apps that are not “well-behaved” fail to do so, and they have a standing list of workarounds to get the system to update.

For me, the thing that worked was pulling down the menu so the changed item was displayed.

I thought you’d want to know about it, because other MacOS apps are apparently able to update the Accessibility system without needing to pull down the menu.


All right, I’ll put it on the list to investigate further. I do think there is still some work to be done in adopting some of the newer Accessibility standards.