Accessing Page Settings in ePub/mobi

Hi there everyone!
I might be blind, but is there a way to access the page settings (to change the header and footer text) via the compile dialog when compiling for ebook?

It seems I have to go to compile for PDF/RTF/Word, etc to be able to access that.
Makes sense regarding page numbering, but the header and footer text shows up in ebooks, too.

Am I blind or missing something?

I know it is meant metaphorically but I really dislike when people use disabilities in a joking way.
You would know if you were blind…

I’ve published to both Kindle and epub formats. As far as I know, ebook readers just display the title and maybe the author as a page header–and it’s up to the ereader, i.e. not under creator control. If I’m wrong,I hope someone corrects me!

Hi Silverdragon!

You are absolutely right, silly me, should have seen that. It is indeed the project name displayed at the top of the ebook. So all is fine. Thanks for your reply anyway and sorry for wasting time…

Thank you for the reminder. I’ve mostly trained myself out of using “blind” and “deaf” that way, but I’m still working on “lame.”