Accessing Projects Created on iPad with Desktop Mac

I created a project on the iPad, then hit Sync to link to my Dropbox account. When I look at my desktop, I’m not seeing anything in /Apps/Scrivener. When I look at the Projects view, I’m seeing “on my iPad” for the project I created. Not seeing any obvious way to save it to Dropbox other than the Sync button. Can anyone clear this up for me?

In Projects view, click Edit at the top and then the settings wheel at the bottom, and choose Dropbox settings. There you can set which folder to save in.

If the project is showing in the ‘On my iPhone’ section of the list click Edit, then select the project using the circle on the left hand side of the list and drag the project into the Dropbox part of the list using the three horizontal bars on the right of the screen.

Once it has moved it will show a blue warning triangle as unsynced. Press sync.

Once the sync is complete the project should then appear in your Dropbox folder on your Mac.

Okay, got it! I’m staggered . . . this is opening up a new world for me.