Accidentally bought the wrong licence

i accidentally bought the mac version of scrivener when i need the PC version. i sent a message as soon as it happened but didn’t get a reply. i sent another about three days later and nothing happened and it’s been a week since i sent my most recent message and i still haven’t got a response (and i have been checking my spam folder). does anyone know the best way to go about getting a refund? or if it’s possible to transfer a licence from one system to another?

Thank you

Literature and Latte is usually pretty good about replying back and I know in similar instances they have been known to switch licenses.

I would double check your SPAM/bulk/junk folder and make sure that they’re responses didn’t end up in there. Otherwise you may have to wait for a response here on the forum. If that does end up being the case, please be aware that you’re less likely to get a response until Monday from any staff members as it is a weekend.

i have been checking my junk/spam folders recently but i still havent gotten a reply, i just guess my emails just got buried? i just hope they respond to this forum post :confused:

I replied to your support messages on 7th May and 8th May, with a solution. If you are not receiving our responses, please see the advice here: … ve-a-reply

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Hi Astrid, thank you for your response , i double checked in all my folders for emails from both literatureandlatte and tenderapp but there’s still nothing in my inbox other than the automated responses, i’m not sure what’s happened, maybe a technical mishap on my end?

If you received the automated responses, then there is a link in those messages to the corresponding support tickets on our support system, where you can see our responses.

I will send the text of our previous responses in a private message here, too.

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