Accidentally Bought Wrong License - URGENT

I accidentally bought the wrong license for my scrivener. I am a winner of the NaNoWriMo 2020 competition, and was waiting to but Scrivener after my trial was up, I did that over Christmas but after purchase was told that I had bought the MacOS when I needed a Windows.

I have four days left on my trial, and I don’t want to lose my scrivener. I love the way everything is set up, and I find it so easier to use.

I have emailed support but this is a backlog in Christmas/New Year emails, and like I said, I have four days left of a trial, I need a response, quickly.

Is there a chance that I can transfer my license over to a Windows one? While still using my 50% NaNo code?

I have proof of purchase, if its required, and it shows on the receipt that a 50% NaNo code was applied.


For all licensing issues, you have to contact them directly via email. For privacy reasons, they cannot handle licensing issues on the forums.

In your email over the holidays, did you include the tag “URGENT” in your subject? If not, try responding to the message you sent and adding that to the subject. They said that would help them triage.

What Devinganger said.

Although I’m not an L&L employee, I’m reasonably certain you’ll get your licence transferred with discount intact. You’re not the first person to make this sort of error. 8) The worst you face is a few days without Scrivener. (That’s bad, I know, but you won’t lose work. Keep calm, keep writing in some simple editor for Windows, and copy-and-paste your work into your Scrivener project when your licencing issue is straightened out.)

Yeah, my email said Urgent. I messaged them again this morning just incase my email hadn’t gone through and that’s where I got the response stating that there was a backlog. I understand if they can’t do it over a forum, I wouldn’t expect them too, I was just looking for a confirmation that a transfer was possible.

That’s good to know. I’ve worked myself in a frenzy over this issue for almost two days. I didn’t think I would like Scrivener has much has I have, and the idea of going back to regular word is frustrating, but I am willing to do it, if it means I get my scrivener back at the end.

I won’t lose work? That’s a relief. I was afraid that I would have to format my whole project again, and since it’s a big one, I was not looking forward to the task.

Thank you both for getting back to me, and setting me at ease. Lifesavers.

One thing you can do to avoid an interruption with Scrivener – I just tested this on my Windows 10 system – is to create a new user account. Assuming that you installed Scrivener as an admin user for the entire system, when you launch Scrivener, it calculates the trial date remaining separately for each user that is using it. My normal user launches and uses the license. My test user launches and gets the “30 days left in trial” notification.

There’s a little bit of overhead here – you will probably want to move your projects to a location that both user accounts can access equally, you might want to save your settings and preferences so you can reload them as your temporary user, etc. – but this is another way you can get some extra time to use Scrivener if support doesn’t get back to you before your main account’s trial period runs out.

I’m afraid we’re not able to transfer licenses from one platform to another. You will need to get the Mac license refunded and purchase a Windows license.


What about my 50% discount code? Would I be able to get that refunded, too, so I can reuse it on the Windows license?

I don’t personally know the answer to that, as it’s a sales policy question and I’m on the technical support team. (Which is also why I haven’t jumped into the support queue to address your question there.)


Okay. Thank you.

I’ll wait to see when what happens when my email gets responded to. Thanks for the help thus far.