Accidentally deleted formatting presets

I accidentally deleted the essay block quote formatting presets in Scrivener, and I can’t work out how to retrieve them. Do I have to recreate the formats from scratch, and if so, is there any guidance on exactly how they should appear?
Thanks so much!

If you can find the text in a project, formatted the way you want it, you can recreate the preset by selecting at least part of the text and using the menu Format->Formatting->New Preset from Selection. Be sure to consider all of the options available in the pop-up window (so that you only save the paragraph formatting, and not the font settings, for instance).

You can also reset your presets to factory default with the following steps:

  1. Use the Scrivener/Reveal Support Folder in Finder menu command and then close Scrivener.
  2. Now back in the window that Finder opened, drag the “Styles.plist” file out of the folder (anywhere is fine, trash it if you want).
  3. Reload Scrivener.

This approach will of course reset the whole list, so use Robert’s method above if you have your own presets already and are just trying to get this one default back.