Accurate placement of headers and footers


I’m just trying to work out: is there is any way to place the header and footer a specific distance from the top / bottom of the page?

When uploading to Createspace and Ingram Spark, the top and bottom margin limits seem to refer to the printable area, while the margins in Scrivener are for the text block with the header and footer somewhere in-between.

I’ve tried setting the printable area in Scrivener page setup, but this doesn’t appear to effect the compiler output - is this correct?

If there is no way to place the headers and footer, does anybody know the minimum Top / Bottom margin settings for a 5" x 8" paperback submission to Createspace so that the header / footers fall within the printable area?

(If not, I’ll do some trial and error submissions and post the results up here).

Many thanks,

Hi Ian,

There is no way currently to control this - headers and footers are always placed halfway between the top/bottom of the page and the text - that is, halfway down the margins. The printable area does not affect PDF compile, but it does affect printing (this change was made because some users were finding the printer’s printable area to cause problems).

However, the good news is that for 3.0.3 I have added a couple of options:

  • Confine to printable area (for printing only) - allows you to turn off printable area affecting things even for printing.
  • Header Margin and Footer Margin - allows you to determine precisely how far up or down the the header or footer is from the top or bottom of the page (for print and PDF only). Leaving this as 0 results in the default behaviour of centring them.

So, this should give you the control you need. In the meantime, you can assume that the header and footer will fall roughly like this:

(Margin height - header/footer font height) / 2

(The font height isn’t always a reliable gauge, though, as the line height for text may be a few points higher than the font size.)

All the best,

Ah, that’s brilliant Keith, thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m very grateful that you’re working so hard to evolve the software in response to users’ needs - a real labour of love!

All the best,