Acting like it is all one chapter

So when I go to full screen on the eleventh chapter I have to spend half an hour scrolling down (OK I hven’t timed it.) But it starts from the first line of the book, not where I am at.

My other projects know how to behave they keep everything separate. I don’t even know how to describe this in the manuals.

So I want it to just have one of the pages, chapters, sections whatever. Don’t put a line and show the one before but rather treat each thing on the left like its own file. Other projects seem to do this so what gives?

The project is probably in Scrivenings mode. To turn it off, un-click the multi-document icon in the toolbar.

If you don’t know what Scrivenings mode is, I’d recommend taking a look at our Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu. It’s a good overview of fundamental operations like this.

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I do agree that turning off Scrivenings mode, if that’s not what you really want, is the right answer.

Just so you know though, Scrivenings doesn’t have to be unwieldy, and you certainly need never scroll for minutes on end. When in Composition Mode, slide the mouse to the bottom of the screen you’ll find a “Go To” button. When using Scrivenings in this writing mode, this button is intended to become a sort of table of contents so you can more easily jump between sections (much like the “Contents” button to the left of the Up/Down arrows in the editor header bar, in standard mode). At the moment there is a bug where using that tool will disband the session and isolate the section you selected. If you want to get back though, just hit the standard Back shortcut (Ctrl+[).

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Thank you so much! This restored my control and yes scrivenings is often useful but it was a bit weird when I didn’t understand. Thanks for filling me in.

Hey Looked up Scrivenings. You were right on and I appreciate the tip for navigating the full screen mode as well. Thanks so much!