Activate on 2nd computer

I’ve been using scrivener on my imac and macbook. I got a new macbook air (!) and erased scrivener on the old one, but forgot to deactivate it (you’re supposed to do that right?). So I’m wondering what I should do to get it up and running on the new one.


Hi Doug,

Don’t worry about not deactivating your licence on your old machine. It’s best if you deactivate the licence when you don’t need to use Scrivener on that machine anymore, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get the chance to do it. Our licence system is flexible enough to accommodate that scenario. All you have to do to get up and running on your new MacBook Air is download Scrivener from our website, install it and register it with your existing licence details. If you need help tracking down your licence details, please contact us via one of our support email addresses ( … tion-email), supplying information such as your name and email address. Don’t give that information on this forum, obviously!

All the best,