Activate Scrivener on offline computer not connected to internet

I purchased and bought Scrivener for my new computer which is running Windows 10 - activation went fine. I do my actual writing on an older laptop that is not connected (and cannot be) to the internet. I highly prefer using this computer for my writing needs. I am completely unable to activate it – have tried several times using the offline option via the other computer giving me a code to put into esellerate. I just get an error code each and every time.

I am perplexed on what to do. So far, Scrivener works on my old laptop but it tells me I have only 18 days left to activate registration.

As far as I know, you have to have an Internet connection to initially activate Scrivener each time you install it (so, after an upgrade as well to the best of my knowledge) due to the licensing service/server they use.

When you say the older laptop “cannot be” connected to the Net, why not? Does it have a USB port? If so, you can use a wireless USB or Ethernet dongle to give it a temporary network connection, something like this that is currently less than $10 on Amazon:

Thank you for the fast response Devin. Yes, I could temporarily connect it that way. I find I am more disciplined about writing and less distracted by using the old laptop. Plus, my fingers fly faster with fewer errors than my new computer. Old habits I suppose!

Thank you again! I will do that. :smiley:

This is the best of both worlds for you, I think – get Scrivener on your machine but still be able to physically remove the ability to network when you need to focus. Let us know how it goes!