activating account

I Just upgraded my computer to Windows 7 64 bit from Vista. After Clean Install, downloaded Scrivener from Amazon. It allowed me to register but, now I am hung up on the esellerate Window telling me that my Name and Number are not verifyed but,I can still use Scrivener while numbers are verified. I Hit okay, window goes away and opening window to Scrivener disappears. I have tried several uninstall and reloads but no luck. Please help.

Hi Bob,

Sorry you’re having some troubles! I think it will be easiest if you can pop an email over to AT literatureandlatte DOT com, since we may need to check up your serial number and so forth to find out what’s going on there, and it’s better to do that in email than over the forum. If you could include a screenshot too of the message you’re seeing about the numbers not being verified, that’d be great–knowing exactly what’s stated there, along with any error codes eSellerate is giving, will help us sort this out quickest. Just use the PrintScreen key to take the snapshot, then paste into MS Paint and save as a file to attach to the email.

Please also ensure that you’re using a freshly downloaded version of Scrivener, 1.6, and not an earlier copy that you had saved as a backup. eSellerate recently updated the activation libraries, so if you’re using an older version you may be running into a problem that’s already been fixed. If you find you’re on an earlier version of Scrivener, please uninstall it and then download and install 1.6 from the website to try the registration and activation fresh.