Activation every time

Has anyone else run into this:

I have both Scriv 2 and Scriv 3 on my Mac (and I need to use both for the time being).

  • When I first opened Scriv 3, the eSellerate engine asked me to activate, and that worked.
  • I then opened Scriv 2 and eSellerate asked me to activate. That worked.


  • If I have used Scriv 2 and then open Scriv 3. I have to activate again.
  • Similarly, the opposite: if I have used Scriv 3 and then open Scriv 2. I have to activate again.

However, if I open either version, close it, and then open it again right away, I am not asked to activate.

Any ideas?

Yeah, I’ve seen that as well. A bit annoying, but I figure it’s just extra incentive to wean myself off V2 that much quicker. :laughing:

If you reboot, does that sort out the repeated activation requests? Or do they continue even after a reboot?

Please also try the steps here:

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