Activation Limit


I have a question. I would like to know if it is still the case that there is no limit as the number of activations of Scrivener, because when activation was introduced in version 1.5.2, that was the case. Also on the Support page it says:

“Note that in some rare cases, you may exceed the activation limit through normal usage.”

I am probably only planning on a total of three activations on my computers, but I respect the rules of the licensing also. Only one platform, and I will be the only one using it. Has anyone ever had a problem with three activations?


You should be fine with 5 activations. If you do hit the limit, you can simply deactivate to free one up again for whichever computer you most want it on, but as the support page said, it’s rare someone has that many home computers to install on all at the same time. Activations will renew every few months, so even if your computer gives up the ghost and you didn’t get a chance to deactivate, its activation will be freed for use after a little while.

I am suitably jealous of your home-built desktops. :slight_smile:


Thank you for explaining that. I am sure then that I will not exceed the limit. I think I will stick to three computers. You are right, its rare for someone to have that many home computers. I am surrounded by 6 as I type this, but I am only using 4 of them. But if you think thats crazy, I have a friend who had 14 desktops in one room, and thats not even counting laptops, tablets, and netbooks. I like to build computers too, but I am now doing what I really love, writing science fiction. Anyway, I don’t mean to ramble on. Thank you for getting back to me.

I suppose I misspoke in saying that it was rare to have that may computers; rather, I meant more that it was rare to have so many computers that you’d be using the same software on. I know plenty of people have their gaming beast, their photo-editing machine, their work laptop, their light-weight notebook, their own heavier-duty laptop…plus family member’s with their own machines…so having a lot of computers in the house is probably increasingly less rare these days. But if someone has that many personal computers available, I’d imagine she isn’t going to be doing the same thing on each, or that she couldn’t just as easily switch over to the machine that did have x software, given that they’re probably only a few rooms apart–or in some cases, sitting next to each other under the desk.

Best wishes for your scifi writing!