Adapting APA PAPER TEMPLATE + LaTeX (Memoir Book) format ? Possible?

Just wondering if anyone has tried adapting the APA PAPER TEMPLATE to work with the LaTeX (Memoir Book) format?

Is it even possible?

Thanks … and Happy New Year!

Project templates and Compile Formats are different things.

You can use LaTeX to impose whatever formatting you want, regardless of the template you start with.

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Thanks for the feedback!

So I must have something else wrong with my code …

There are APA templates for LaTeX, e.g. Template and Sample for Authoring APA7 Manuscripts - Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor — so you just need to hook up your section types and styles in the scrivener editor to plug into that template. This is not done by Scrivener, you will have to do this manually…

I of course would do it via Pandoc and markdown (as this intermediate gives more flexibility, the template is already modified for you here: GitHub - colerehbein/pandoc-apa7: Pandoc LaTeX template for converting markdown to APA-formatted LaTeX), but you can do it directly as LaTeX. Why do you need to use LaTeX, why not just use the Scrivener template itself and skip LaTeX?

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Thank you for the precious feedback … and for the question …

I’m anticipating that this could be the start of a fairly large project … one that I’d like to take advantage of the Scrivener+LaTeX construct that I created over the last few years.

My Scrivener+LaTeX construct has functionality far beyond what Scrivener alone provides … took me a while to create. I posted about it here some time ago (possibly years).

But Thank You for the update … I’ll need to work this out …

Thanks again!!

Right, so in this case, you cannot use a different Scrivener template, as this would remove all your modifications. So the point is you want to add a new LaTeX template linked to your Scrivener template with the APA7 one, then any settings you have in your custom LaTeX template will be usable.

The ideal solution would be some kind of switch, you could compile either your existing template, or the APA one…

With the caveat of course that LaTeX itself is a fussy and sometimes frustrating partner, so some of your LaTeX tricks may break depending on any other number of package requirements. Adapting the Tufte LaTeX template recently was a nightmare; we can only hope the APA template is more forgiving…