Add Adjustment For Opacity Of Text In Focus Mode

Is it possible to let the user select the opacity of the non-highlighted text in Focus Mode in a preferences pane? I love Focus Mode, but I wish I could see the unfocused text just a little more clearly without straining. Each user could set how dark or opaque the unfocused text displays.

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The feature is already there, on the Mac at least.

Is there a similar slider for Focus mode? :thinking: (Linguistic Focus is a different feature.)

Dialog focus on Windows. has a fader as well.
Screenshot 2022-04-25 092102

It’s still a different feature.

Sorry, saw Focus and thought that. In Composition Mode there are a number of options for you to play around with. In Windows, go to Options->Appearance->Composition Mode

Thanks, Jestar! However, none of those settings affects the dimmed text in Focus Mode. I’ve searched every setting everywhere, and the setting I’m asking for does not exist anywhere.