add back matter option in compile

It would be very handy to have an “add back matter” option when compiling. This would work similar to the “add front matter” option, but would be added at the end of the main text.

If that’s similar to the: PNo1WWBSBBBR ( PRINT No1 World Wide Best Selling Bonk Busting Bodice Ripper), button, that I’ve been asking for, repeatedly, over the last five ears, then you’re in for a long wait, pal! :frowning:

This has been raised before. See the developer’s response here. In short, it’s under consideration for a future update.

Note that this is for the Mac version, but since they are aiming for feature parity between Mac and Windows, this means that is also under consideration for Windows.

In the meantime, could you use distinct folders within the Draft to achieve your desired end? Or combine two different compiles (your draft and your back matter) in whatever document presentation app you use to finish your manuscript (e.g. Word, Pages, Nisus, etc)?

I haven’t yet seen any indication that Keith is considering inclusion of a PNo1WWBSBBBR button, but it’s conceivable it is part of his secret plan for world domination. Maybe, perhaps, he is considering Scrivener add-ons, of which PNo1WWBSBBBR could be just one? Although I am a little concerned about who’s ears vic-k was asking over and, given ears generally come in pairs, why there were only 5 left. :open_mouth: