Add Behaviours Option to Open Quick Reference Panel in Full Screen Mode

I use a laptop with a 4k monitor and have a 1080p external monitor.

To switch the Scrivener App or any component between screens I use the Windows shortcut: Win+Shift+Left / Win+Shift+Right. All good so far.

However, because of the difference in resolution if I do this to a Quick Reference Panel, it displays overly large on the external monitor. To get it to display in the native mode between monitors without overly small or overly large results, a window must be in full screen mode.

Hence, a request to add a third tick box under File > Options > Behaviours > Document Links: Open Quick Reference Panel in Full Screen Mode.

Of course, I can set the overlay Quick Reference Panel window to full screen mode once opened, but an option to skip the step would be a nice to have.

Hey. Check this out. (And it’s free.)


Thanks Vincent_Vincent. I’ll take a look at the tool.

I was hoping for a mouse equivalent of Alt+Enter, which is Windows default for opening a pane in full screen mode but couldn’t find such.

I use links from Bookmarks in Scrivener to open a whole lot of things inside and outside of Scrivener, hence my request.

I see. Well perhaps then that’d be just a small crutch.
I use it a lot, but can’t tell what it’ll be worth in your case.
Except that if you always want specific windows to display a said way, that does it.

To give an example, take the styles panel. With this you can have it always return to its desired size and starting position whenever you call on it (make it appear).
Same goes with quick reference windows, but your need seems pretty specific. (And it is always best when the thing (whatever thing) is in app. Or pretty much always. I believe your request is valid, is what I’m saying :wink: )
Else, I can’t say I have tried it with all of Scrivener’s windows and popups, but so far it worked flawlessly with every which one I’ve tested.
The coolest thing about it is that it has only one shortcut. You just do it once, twice or three times. Nothing to learn. Once set, you do nothing at all and this background app does its thing for you.

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My specific need is twofold.
Detailed character sheets as references and comparisons between documents in Scrivener.
I don’t do side by side or top to bottom editing. The form factor doesn’t work for my eyesight.
I work in the editor at 175% scale with the Binder and Inspector always on, which roughly equates to a word processor app at full screen width. That how I work in Word.
My preferred font is Calibri 11 pt.
I’ll stick to opening a QR panel and clicking once to full screen before shortcut swapping between screens. It’s barely an inconvenience and a workable solution.

Do you have a multimonitor setup? I find this a great way to work, I currently use three monitors with one for current Scrivener project, another for a QRP (or two) and the third for research, or Scapple which may hold character or location cards to refer to.
Monitors are relatively inexpensive and help greatly with workflow.

Yes. I have a two monitor setup. I tend to leave the second one off more often than not and use it when I need reference something for accuracy.
I write in episodes, so things tend to evolve, building on what went before.