add columns feature in outliner?

Is there a way to add custom text-only columns to the Outliner?

This would be the perfect place to hold a timeline for my story: noting the date/time/season of each scene in a column next to the Synopsis.

Granted, I could put some sort of date code in each Title or Synopsis, but breaking it out into its own column would be easier to work with.

The manual says: “To add or remove columns from the display, click the small .” I don’t know what “the small .” is.

Other possible uses: a column noting POV for each scene, or the location, or whatever people like to put in outline/spreadsheets for their projects.

(If it’s not part of Scrivener now, please consider it for the future.)

And second question: can I print my outline?

I think the features you’ve asked for are Mac 2.0 features so there is a high likelihood that it’s coming but it will be quite a while before the Windows version has these, especially as we are not out of beta yet.

As Stacey said, the custom text columns and the ability to print the outline will be coming. Depending what you’re going for, you might try taking a screenshot of your outline–obviously that’s not editable, but if you just want to get an image of where your work is at for your own records or to share with an editor, a lot of people even using the Mac find that helpful.

The add/remove columns button is a little drop-down arrow at the far right of the columns header list, just above the scroll bar. This lets you select which columns of the available meta-data you wish to show; there’s not a way to create your own column here. The list is also available from View>Outliner Columns.

Stacey, Jennifer, thanks so much for the quick response.

I love the Scivener I’ve got so far, and am looking forward to the end of the beta. And I’m glad to learn that a build-your-own-column feature will be included in a future release.

I tried out the print-screen on the Outline and got good results. I work on my fiction in the company cafeteria using pen & ink, and use a computer evenings and weekends. Being able to print out my outline for reference is handy.

Thanks again!