Add "dynamic dimensions" to corkboard view (location, character, date, plotline, etc.)

While the corkboard is useful to visualize the manuscript in “manuscript order”, it doesn’t do much to help with, say, timeline order. Or which character appears in which scene/chapter. Or which location. Or which character is in which location!

The outline view is a little closer, but there’s only ever one view - and it’s not dynamic. It’s always manuscript vertical, metadata horizontal.

For Scrivener to take another step into “one tool to rule them all” it would be incredibly helpful to create a view where the user can select what to have in both dimensions of a card view, have multiple views into the same manuscript, and to have the views be dynamics. Think “Excel pivot-table”.

The nearest I’ve seen to this would be Plottr. But there are two problems there: 1. Its sync with Scrivener isn’t two way, and doesn’t sync Plottr’s tags etc. with Scriveners metadata, and 2. Plottr’s dimensions are not linked to different kinds of data - horizontal dimension is manuscript structure, vertical dimension is whatever the user manually decides to use, but is not dynamic.

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I think there could be some cool things to this idea—though I’m not the one to tell you how possible it is with our programming!

I did want to add that in the Corkboard options, you can show keyword colors, label colors, and status stamps, so you can utilize those to get some good at-a-glance information in the Corkboard. Probably not too useful if you have a ton of settings and characters, but if you have a few main characters and settings to track, you can see that info using those tools if you have them set up in a smart way.

You can also arrange the Corkboard by label!