Add folder as 'child' instead of 'sibling'?

I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to add new folders in the binder as ‘child’ instead of ‘sibling’. At the moment all folders are created as sibblings, this appears to be the standard behaviour, at least on Mac. Just like in the Mac finder, when I add a folder, I’d like it to be added to the folder I’m working in at that moment - I.e. for it to be a ‘child’ of the folder I’m working in. Can’t figure out how to do this, I don’t see this as an option in the behaviours pane of preferences for ‘files and folders’.

Can’t be changed…


More info in 6.3.1 of the manual.



2 Solutions:

  1. Immediately after creating the folder use Cmd-Shift-Right arrow to move it as a child of the other folder;

  2. Create a new text document, then immediately.Documents > Convert > to Folder … create a shortcut for it if you think you’re going to do this often.



Too bad it can’t be changed! Thanks for the tips on how to circumvent this restriction, Mark. I could indeed work with documents instead of folders as these can pretty much function as folders anyway. If i really want the different icon I could convert them but could also just use documents as containers. On my end, the command-shift-right arrow shortcut doesn’t do anything. What is that supposed to do, move a folder or document to the left or right in the binder hierarchy? That would be a useful functionality to have.

Re: the shortcut to move binder items.

Mark, I figured it out - I think you gave the wrong shortcut, it’s not shift-command-right arrow, it’s control-command-right arrow. That works beautifully, and is a great solution - I’ll use that. :slight_smile: