Add Icons for mystery stories

Love using the icons for my scenes. Example: I imported a black cat face to use with my Save The Cat scenes.
Could Scrivener add some additional genre icons?
Mystery & Crime
Science Fiction

and so on. Over the years the software seems to have used the same old stale icons like that ‘thought bubble,’ and the ‘test tube,’ etc.

How about a Candlestick in the Library like the Clue Game icons.

Or something more direct – the dagger, the gun, the rope, the Sherlock Holms head and cap?

Or for romance the heart, the broken heart, the kissing lips?

Thanks for your attention,

You know that you also can add your own icons, right?

Google “free png icons”.
There is an impressive lot.
Then drop them in the icon folder (HD) of your project.

Black and white vectors usually work best, for visibility at the size.

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Or generate them from Emojis on the fly. (See: “7.4 Custom Icons” in the manual.)

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