Add/Import Web Page function not working

I have tried repeatedly to add/import various web-pages to a folder in my project.
The webpages are just basic webpages as I am a student and using Scrivener for my Masters Thesis: wikipedia, google searches, news articles: these is no ‘login required’ on these sites, and there is no videos or advanced features on these sites.
I have tried all the ‘Import As’ options: PDF Document via WebKit, PDF Document via Microsoft Office, PDF Document via WebKit, Plain Text, Webpage Complete (MHT).
In fact, I don’t really know what any of these descriptions mean.
Basically, I just want to save a webpage in a folder, without having to just copy and past the webpage link onto a Text file or save the webpage first on my computer as a PDF and then link it to the folder.

The error message I get is: “The web page could not be imported”.

Any help?

Hi Chris, and welcome to the forums, and to Scrivener! The sad fact is that the current Windows version of Scrivener does a very poor job of importing Web pages–if we define “very poor job” as “no job at all.” The underlying code framework in which Scrivener for Windows was written has apparently grown outdated for contemporary Websites. The good news is that the new version for Windows is in advanced beta, with the final public version supposedly to be released in a few weeks. Many people are using the beta successfully, as I understand it, and you might want to try that out to see whether Web import is functioning properly there. Alternatively, if for the moment all you need is a sort of archived version of the Web page’s content, you could save it as PDF in the browser and then import the PDF.

I’m on Mac and ‘add webpage’ never works, I always have to “Open URL in Browser”. Is there a workaround for this?

Thanks for all your help.

As you’re on a Mac, why didn’t you post in the Mac forum? Windows issues have no relation to Mac issues, as they’re totally separate developments.