Add Item Button Crash

While working through the interactive tutorial, I managed to crash the program. Can’t locate this in recent bugs, but apologies if this is posted elsewhere. Replicated several times with these steps.

  1. Click on “i” button to open inspector.
  2. Click in Synopsis note card to position cursor on a line.
  3. Click on green + Add Item button in navigation bar.
  4. Program crashes.

As for why I would do that, I was a little confused by the tutorial. The text in “Part 1, Step 5d: References” refers to a + sign. Instead of clicking on the plus sign for references, I went for the big green button.

Of course, the solution is: Don’t click on the wrong + sign! But, wanted to bring it up since it will crash the program.


Thanks for this report; looks like it may be an extension of a known bug having to do with the focus being inside a text form field. Good catch!

EDIT: For the interested, adding a new document/folder via any method while the focus is in the synopsis field of the inspector will cause a crash. Move the focus somewhere else (clicking away or hitting the tab key for instance) before adding a new document.

As far as the tutorial, Step 5 is explaining the different sections of the inspector. If you look at the bottom of the inspector while you’re viewing a text document, you’ll see a set of icon tabs. Clicking the second one from the left, that looks like a stack of books, will switch you to the “References” section of the inspector. This is just a change in the bottom third–the synopsis and general meta-data areas will still be above it–and you’ll see then a header for “Document References” with the “+” button referred to:

Clicking that will give you several methods for adding a reference to your document.