Add Label (and Status) submenu to Documents menu

Hi there! Apologies if someone has already posted a similar request (I did search but couldn’t find one).

I’m a heavy Scrivener user (on Mac) and a heavy keyboard shortcut user, and would love to have a way to easily add keyboard shortcuts to apply labels and status (but especially labels) to documents.

Currently, the only way to do this is through two different context menus–the one in the binder and the one in the footer of the corkboard or outline views. This makes them very difficult to shortcut (it’s required very complicated Keyboard Maestro work and still isn’t ideal).

I think it would make good sense to add Label and Status submenus to the Documents menu, as they are similar kinds of metadata to the document icon, whose submenu already exists in both the Documents menu and the context menus.

Thank you for considering this. And thank you for developing Scrivener–it is such an essential part of my writing process!


There are menus for both at the bottom of the Inspector pane as well. Is that easier?

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It is not that difficult :slightly_smiling_face:. And yes, it works a bit easier when the inspector is open. With KM you could set up this macro to select the label green.

  1. Move the mouse to the menu and click (in relation to the lower right corner of the front window).
  2. type the “g”. First letter of green.
  3. enter

You could also create a simple floating palette for the labels. Click on green, and the label green will be activated.

Just saying :innocent:

Unfortunately not. The menu at the bottom of the inspector pane only allows the labeling of one document at a time. I frequently want to label several documents at once, but if you select multiple documents in a pane or the binder, the Inspector stops showing the label menu.

I’ve already made a functional KM macro for labeling. My point is not that it can’t be done, but it shouldn’t be this complicated. It seems to me very logical that there should be a Label submenu in the Documents menu (and a Status one for that matter), just as there’s one for Change Icon. They’re all the same kind of document-level metadata.

I can’t see a reason why those submenus shouldn’t be there. They wouldn’t break any existing functionality, they’d make it possible to use the Mac’s built-in keyboard shortcutting for people who aren’t techy enough for KM, and it would be a much more robust way to label–the KM macro you included fails, for instance, if the Inspector happens not to be open (and also won’t work to label multiple documents).

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I am also interested in a keyboard shortcut to assign (or delete) a label to a document in the binder. Anything new about this?