add Listings


I’m writing my Master Thesis with Scrivener and would like to place listings of source code (e.g. HTML, Javascript) to my document. On my previous work I used Latex and the verbatim - command/tag to include that kind of information to the document. Is there a good way to add these listings?

At the moment I have a more or less two solution for that:

  • add it by hand with a different typo
  • add as an image

both are not that suitable if I want compile the document to Latex. This is at the moment a big game changer. Know someone a better way to do that?


I do this with song lyrics and the like.

  • Manually format a piece of text to look like what you want it to, then select it
  • Format -> Formatting -> New Preset From Selection – give it a name (e.g. Source Code) and click OK
  • Paste new text into the document, then select it
  • Format -> Formatting -> Apply Preset -> Source Code

very cool, I did not know that. That can solve my Problem.

A BIG Thank You!


Sigh — yet another capability that evidently exists only in the Mac version…