Add Microsoft Word bookmarks

How can we manually add bookmarks into the compiled .docx?

The headings are bookmarked in the .docx file via the “Include in RTF bookmarks” checkbox in the “Compile Format Designer->Section Layouts->Settings”.
However, I would like to add custom bookmarks linked to figure and table captions. In this way, I can use MS Word’s built-in mechanisms for cross-reference, for example.

MS Word bookmarks simplify the post-processing of the document using macros, for example.

The: <$n:figure:myImage> do not insert a bookmark and no MS Word Field code, which means that the figure cannot be moved without manually updating the figure number.
The <$n:figure:myImage> only creates plain text and no link to the figure caption. Moving the figure in MS Word will create the same problems as mentioned above.
“Edit->Link to Document” creates a hyperlink, not MS Word Field code like: { REF ‘bookmark name’ \h}. However, this could have been done because a bookmark was already inserted for the heading (see above).
The <$p> placeholder do insert a MS Word valid field code: {PAGE}.

Is there a Scrivener placeholder or perhaps a Style prefix/suffix I can use to insert an MS Word bookmark?