Add multiple footnotes to one sentence


Is it possible to add multiple footnotes to one sentece, e.g. Several primary sources state a person arrived on 20 November 1800 on the Royal Admiral. No source is more important than any other. Also each source further reinforces the statement as true. Each time I go to add more than one footnote the previous footnote is removed. I’m using Scrivener and WIndows 10. Thanks in advance,

Hello, and welcome to the forums. I don’t wish to be rude, but are you sure that this is necessary? It might depend on what kind of text you are writing, and where it is to be published. In scholarly work in the U.S. context, at least, multiple footnotes to a single sentence such as you describe are generally not favored. Rather, all the references should be put into a single note at the end of the sentence. This produces a cleaner look on the page, and may be simpler for readers to follow.

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