Add Support for using ICONS in Metadata

It’s nice to be able to add extra metadata columns to the outliner, but it would be nice if I could create a list using icons instead of words (or even better, an icon with words and I could choose either). That would make it a lot easier to cram meaningful information in a narrow column.

Have you tried using Emoji (Win+.)? It’s the default answer for using icons wherever you can type, and there are thousands of them. You can even do some cool things with the Status field and the Corkboard ‘Status Stamps’ option.

Emoji would probably work. I’ll check into that. If it does, you can consider this a “Works for Me”.


Not as happy with it as I’d like to be. So while the idea of it is definitely a works for me, the implementation of it could use some improvement. Specifically, the icon which is rendered is not exactly the one which is selected in the emoji dialog (Win + .) but rather some black-and-white representation of it. And what is shown is not always a reasonable facsimile (color notwithstanding) but one that is stretched (or something) in some of the icons.

I have included some screenshots so you can see my results. The first one shows what I was selecting, the second one shows how it turned out. All of the icons I selected were from that same little group there, so should look about the same. I can live without the color (though I would prefer to have it) but the distortion thing makes it less than ideal.

Just my opinion and feedback! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind attention


2020-06-01 22_50_11-C__Users_mason_Dropbox_My Novels_Scrivener-3.0-BETA_Further Adventures of Mason_.png