Add to Mac "Table Properties" the "Column Width" field, like the Widows version, to create uniformity in cell width


Widows Scrivener Ver 1.9 has “cell width” in the Tables Properties window. The Mac 3 version is missing this field and instead relies on adjusting the cell with the cursor, without the need of opening the Table Properties. While this is nice for on-the-fly adjustments, when making multiple Sheets having tables in each Sheet, it is much easier to create a uniform consistency of cell widths by splitting the editor into two and looking at the cell widths used in another sheet. With the Table Properties open, when the reference Sheet cell is selected, the Table Properties shows the cell width for that cell. Then the sheet being developed can have the exact same cell width for a given item that appears in both Sheets. This allows no guessing, and no eyeballing to get worksheets with common cell items to match in cell width.

When creating a lot of worksheets, this is a big deal in achieving uniformity of look in the tables, in quick order.

Or … as a new Mac user, I’ve missed the feature on the Mac side, and need an educating.

Thanks for your consideration of this suggestion.

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On the Mac side, this behavior is inherited from the Mac OS text system that Scrivener uses. – Katherine

Thanks for the reply.

If a “width” field cannot be added on the Mac side, then I request that hovering over a table cell, with the option or other key pressed, reveals the cell width via a popup window or in the bottom or top ribbon. This will allow the user to make sure cells of the same item match in width when eyeballing the size with the cursor.

Do I need to submit this as a new post or will this modification to the original post be picked up?

Thanks again for your time.

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