Add web page

Adding a webpage in Mac is easy. Now since I have a new windows machine, I’m using Scrivener on Windows for the first time.

I attempted adding a webpage and it created a PDF without the on-page video. So I tried again, choosing to save “webpage complete”, and Scrivener balks. The import dialog warns that only plain text can import to Draft folder. I get a second popup warning that the Draft folder does not support media files. The problem is I’m trying to import research into research not draft!!!

Very disconcerting to say the least, that the Win version won’t cooperate with such a simple task.

I’m using the current commercial version, not the beta.

I’m having the same issue on both PC and Mac versions so any insight would be great

Answer for Mac version—
There was a release (3.1.3) day before yesterday that might fix this for you; see here:

Facing same issue, thanks for forum replies as it now solved my issue :slight_smile:

I would be very grateful for a WIndows solution – I am unable to import any webpage at all, and most of my research for the book I am writing is from online.

As I noted in another recent thread on this issue, this is a longstanding problem, apparently because the formatting of Web pages advanced and the code on which Scrivener is based could no longer handle it. This should be working in v. 3 when it comes out, and may already be working in the beta. Otherwise, one must save Web pages as PDF and import that to Scrivener.